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Most expensive kitchen appliances

Traditionally, kitchens have been areas were the family gathered to enjoy a meal together. Lunches and dinners were special events for a family, and the kitchen was regarded as a very important part of a home. Children would gather around a hearth or a stove to heat up; grandmothers would bake their cakes and guests would enjoy the smells of the cooking food. In the old times, kitchens were tucked away in the back of the house. Nowadays, the kitchen is just as good of a showcase to present your social status and your values as your living room is.

People today love luxury and class, and they love it in the kitchen, too. Often architects will make projects of houses where kitchens make the centerpiece of a house, having a central place in the floor plan. Some people will enjoy the elaborate carpentry, others the technology implanted into modern kitchens. Whichever style you prefer, you cannot have a kitchen without appliances.

puck_kitchen_final-e1414015869781Bring out your checkbook

Luxury always comes with a cost and the same goes for kitchen appliances. Some of these high-tech gadgets can cost as much as 70.000 dollars. However, when your new appliances shine on your countertop, you can count on some serious jaw-drops when your guests come to visit you. Also, these appliances guarantee a high level of quality as well as the modern technology and engineering.

The blender for the most demanding customers

For those who hate the two things everybody hates when it comes to blenders – the noise and the cleaning – the Blendtec Stealth blender is the answer. It is quiet, and it is very easy to clean. It also features tons of blending options and powerful motors. All you need is 2.300$ to own it.

a4_20oven_20-_20rachel_20leah_20blumenthal-0Not  your regular pizza oven

Who does not love pizza? You were always disappointed with the taste of your homemade pizza compared to a night out in an Italian restaurant which has a wood-fired pizza oven. And you decided to have a wood fired oven in your house. And you paid 8.500 dollars for it. This means you are the proud owner of a Mugnaini oven. A 47-inch oven fired up by wood logs; this oven will release a ton of heat and cook your pizza in under 2 minutes, including that wonderful smokey smell.

12116_1000x1000The juicer from heaven

Squeeze up around 30 oranges a minute, produce 90 oz of the freshest orange juice you ever tasted and you have a great picnic in your backyard! If you have 9.900 dollars to spend without regrets and you have a special place in your heart for orange juice, then go for the Hammacher Juicer. You can also use it to make apple juice and grapefruit juice.

venus-century-espresso-machine_hax8w_24431For coffee lovers

Yes, there is a 20.000 dollar espresso maker. It is called the Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine. Made in a series of only 100 pieces, this beautiful machine will give you the espresso of your dreams, but for a hefty price.