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Early Morning Coffee

There are a great number of people that like to drink a cup of coffee in the mornings, setting them up for the day ahead. Although many may be able to stop off at a coffee shop like Starbucks on their way to work, there are also many that have no coffee shop on their route and so they opt to make their own at home.

To make their coffee, especially if they prefer a specialty coffee, they will need a coffee making machine, often one which comes complete with a grinder. Even so though, there are many different machines to choose from today and so they may have a slight dilemma as to which one to buy. To help them decide, websites like have reviewed many of the different coffee machines available today and recommend what they think is the best coffee machine.

Of course every bodies taste differs but they have not made the recommendations according to taste but rather according to efficiency and ease of cleaning. The reviewers have also taken into consideration the versatility of the coffee maker.

The taste of coffee is not so much dependent on the machine which makes it as much as the type of coffee beans used to make it and so regardless of which coffee maker you do buy, you will still have experiment to discover which type of bean you prefer the taste of.

Although most coffee makers do require to be connected to a power source, some of the portable ones, which have been specifically designed for back packers, make coffee without the need for a power source. These totally portable coffee machines may be a little more expensive but they certainly do offer you versatility and are both lightweight and small.

The different types of coffee beans available today have different prices and have been grown in many different countries but one of the factors which determine their flavor is the elevation at which they were grown. Some of the best coffee beans available today for instance, are considered to be those grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Some of the other coffee beans which feature in the world’s 10 best list come from countries as far apart as Kenya, Ethiopia and Thailand. Although Columbian coffee is often talked about, most of the coffee from there is used to make instant coffee and so their beans are not considered among the top 10.

There is little doubt that many people find a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning helps to get their day off to a good start and so portable coffee makers are becoming increasingly popular, as are the coffee shops and as its popularity grows, so do the numbers of different types of coffee you can make. This means that the newer your coffee maker, the more likely it is to have more types of coffee it can make, although most today are very versatile and easy to use.